Litigation Support

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Litigation counsel and claims support protects your business by identifying where conflict is possible, and proactively managing risk.

Fraud, contract disputes, project delivery and design plague the construction industry with litigation. HORNE Construction knows this industry inside and out. When claims happen, we know that protecting your business requires an efficient, informed, cost-effective approach. We can help you prepare quickly and with a complete picture, providing you with the information you need to make or respond to a claim with a strong position.

Tapping into industry experience, legal acumen and rigorous CPA methodologies, HORNE Construction also prepares and applies accounting data as evidence in a court of law. In any litigation counsel scenario, we perform investigation and analysis of all suspicious accounting activity. In the event of a trial, we work on your behalf, collaborating with attorneys and organizations to provide the financially focused counsel or witness support needed.

Members of the HORNE Construction team and HORNE litigation specialists produce accurate, understandable documentation. We take every step to produce all documents pertinent to your claim or case, helping you toward the most satisfactory result.