Succession Planning

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Proactive succession planning prepares you for the present and future.

As your business prospers, you may realize your hard work has produced valuable assets that continue to accumulate wealth. A documented succession plan is important to your business today, and in the future.

Lenders and sureties need assurance that their interests are protected, and they routinely inquire about succession planning. HORNE Construction works with lenders and sureties daily. We can assist you with a quality succession plan that will address their needs.

You want to minimize the impact of estate taxes. We can establish the right fair market value for your business and other assets used to calculate estate and gift taxes, as well as other contemplated transfers. We also help clients evaluate potential conflicts that could undermine your wishes and negatively impact the estate.

Succession planning is of the highest importance to your partners and investors. We work with you to make sure your buy-sell agreement is current and able to prevent the transfer of ownership to unintended parties. A good succession plan also addresses other issues that can arise before death, retirement or diminished capacity to manage or make decisions.

Dedicated to the financial and human sides of succession planning, HORNE Construction helps you consider every component and potential consequence of your plans for the future.