The wellness of your patients depends on the health of your organization.

We guide clients through disruptive change, providing insights to set the course for increased efficiencies, decreased variations and improved patient care.

Health Care
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Financial integrity, culture change and the patient experience will dictate healthcare delivery success.

By the end of 2016, 30% of Medicare payments will be based on quality or value of patient outcomesHistory tells that great opportunity exists in periods of change. If ever there was a time for healthcare providers to act with focused urgency, it is now.

Fewer physicians are caring for more patients than ever. Per-patient revenues continue to decrease, and the pressure remains to reduce expenses. The shift away from the fee for service model is tightening margins, reducing reimbursements and impacting the way providers are paid. Evolving healthcare delivery models are forcing providers to renovate how they offer, standardize and code patient care. And patients are more informed, impacting how they perceive the total value of care and make decisions about treatment.

Those who are prepared to face the evolving healthcare environment will do well. Now is the time to ensure you have a culture of innovation, data driven strategy and financial integrity. The money you save today will be your source of profit as the system shifts its focus to quality and prevention.

Healthcare is in our DNA. The HORNE Healthcare team is composed of financial professionals and physicians, working together to help you to adapt to the changing culture of healthcare.With an eye on the future, we assist with financial integrity and compliance measures, and engage your entire organization in the call to create the best possible patient experience while reducing cost.

Clinical Integration

Fee for service will not last forever. Clinically integrated care centered on patient outcomes is the new reality. HORNE Healthcare provides financial guidance to bring together culture, compensation, care processes and protocols, and technology in ways that produce sustainable new entities.

Delivery Model Change

HORNE Healthcare empowers providers to change culture by using data to decrease variation in care, improve the patient experience and reduce costs.

Financial Integrity & Compliance

HORNE Healthcare takes a comprehensive approach to help you to report financial data accurately, build financial strength, and comply with laws and industry regulations.