Financial Integrity & Compliance

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Meeting the needs of your stakeholders requires financial integrity.

In the effort to restructure healthcare, it’s easy to forget that many, if not most, healthcare organizations have successfully delivered patient care for years. When a business has been succeeding in the marketplace, they can almost be lulled into a lack of awareness of future threats and challenges.

A thriving healthcare system has a solid core mission and knowledge of what it does better than anyone else. It has addressed structural and procedural issues so it can focus on serving its stakeholders – patients, employees, the community, owners, lenders and third-party payers. It has made decisions based on accurate financial information, and has implemented changes based on reliable data.

HORNE Healthcare can help your organization thrive. The foundation of our services is complete dedication to financial integrity. We help you confirm that your numbers are right, performing the calculations for you and helping you correct collection or reporting issues. We work with you to identify and enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, as well as adjust your services, staff and technologies to meet your mission. It’s our business to stay up-to-date on laws and regulations, and we help you with compliance. Together, we ensure that your organization is ready to fulfill its mission.


HORNE Healthcare assurance and advisory services do more than render opinions for your financial statements. We support your growth, profitability and overall success by focusing on proactive planning and by analyzing the operations and business transactions behind your numbers.

Business Advisory & Accounting

HORNE Healthcare’s comprehensive financial, tax and business advisory support produces reliable accounting data – the foundation of effective business decisions.

IT Compliance

The HORNE Healthcare team collaborates with in-house IT professionals to establish information security measures across your system, helping you to meet regulatory compliance requirements related to HIPAA, protected health information (PHI) and electronic protected health information (ePHI).


HORNE Healthcare reimbursement services help you prepare cost reports according to the regulations as we understand them, and identify additional funding opportunities, process improvements and delivery-model changes to help you adapt to new reimbursement models.


HORNE Healthcare manages federal, state and local filing and compliance requirements, and offers insight regarding current and impending tax rules and regulations. 


Healthcare providers and law firms turn to HORNE Healthcare valuation authorities to provide the information and support needed to respond appropriately and safely to opportunity.