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ATP in Healthcare Delivery Improvement

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Healthcare improvement requires culture change and change begins with education. Targeted to frontline clinicians, mid-level hospital managers and senior leaders, HDI's ATP in Healthcare Delivery Improvement exposes participants to improvement theory, metrics, policy, and leadership in ways that inevitably change their views of "quality" healthcare. 

Ideal Participants for the ATP:

  • Clinicians in physician practices and hospitals/health systems (includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists/PharmD, physical therapists)
  • C-suite administrators (CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CNOs, CMOs)
  • Mid-level administrative managers
  • Health care attorneys
  • Nursing home managers
  • Health system data professionals
  • Healthcare consultants
  • Healthcare educators
  • Government healthcare policymakers
  • Elected officials responsible for health policy
  • Risk management professionals
  • Improvement team leaders

The discussions that arise from the educational sessions reflect the tenets of a "learning organization," such as personal mastery of the material and developing shared visions of what our healthcare system can achieve.  Like culture change, group education plants the seeds of collaboration.

We expect students to complete the program well-grounded in the principles of quality and cost control. Graduates return home with the skills necessary to lead clinical improvement initiatives.

The ATP is modeled after and endorsed by Brent James's ATP in Health Care Delivery Improvement at Intermountain Healthcare.  Using materials, schedules, and methods similar to Brent James's ATP, the HDI team trains our students in the theory and methodology of modern process improvement. HDI's ATP requires each student to conduct a quality improvement project at their home institution during the course. They must present their project at the final session in order to graduate.

Market research has also identified a need for better physician leadership, and we have accommodated that need in our training program curriculum. We also recognize the need for healthcare professionals to understand new delivery models, and in contrast to Intermountain Healthcare's ATP, we dedicate an entire segment of each term to delivery model change.

HDI's ATP in Healthcare Delivery Improvement meets four times for 2 ½ days each time, taking four months to complete the training.  Two terms are offered each year-the Winter Term runs January-April, and the Fall Term runs August-November.  Participants are eligible for 80 hours of continuing education credits.

Each session focuses on one of the following: theory, data and measurement, healthcare delivery models and project presentations.  Course content includes improvement theory, understanding data, clinical integration and leadership skills. Tangible leadership skills are emphasized with lectures and exercises each month. Students complete various reading assignments and exercises before and during the course.

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