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Mississippi Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) Notice

Mississippi Department of Revenue has issued an important notice that was mailed on October 20th, 2011 concerning its new online Taxpayer Access Point (TAP).  The notice informed each applicable taxpayer of their online account identification number.  The taxpayers receiving this notice include those subject to Corporate and Franchise Tax, Pass-Through Entity Income Tax (such as Partnership, S-Corporation and LLC), Gaming Taxes and Fees, Insurance Premium Tax, Finance Privilege Tax, and Beer/Tobacco taxes.

The new tax account or identification number is for ONLINE ACCOUNT ACCESS ONLY and will not replace the taxpayer's current FEIN or Mississippi account number.

The new TAP is intended to provide secure, private access to view tax account information at any time.  As stated in the notice, it will allow the taxpayer to:

  • View recent account activity,
  • View current account balances,
  • Make electronic payments for returns, estimates and assessments,
  • View return data,
  • File your returns and/or amend returns online (with exception of Corporate/Pass Through Entity),
  • Register a new business or add accounts to your business,
  • Request address changes,
  • View correspondence from the Department of Revenue.

The TAP notice does not apply to Sales and Use or Withholding Tax accounts. These accounts should continue to be paid using FileMS.  The Department of Revenue hopes to include these tax filings included in the TAP program next year.

It is important to retain the notice for documentation of the taxpayer's account number.  In addition, the taxpayer should set-up an online account, since the commissioner may require a taxpayer to file and pay electronically.  Under the notice, a  taxpayer will be subject to a penalty of $25 for the first time the taxpayer fails to file electronically if required to do so.  For future submissions, the taxpayer would be subject to a penalty of $500 each time they fail to file as required (MCA §27-3-83(4)).  The notice also states that a taxpayer who does not have the ability to file electronically may be relieved of the electronic filing requirement.  The taxpayer would be required to submit the request in writing addressing why they are unable to comply with the filing requirement.

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