AICPA Controllers Conference November 17, 2015

Fraud & Ethics
AICPA Controllers Conference
Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel
Orlando, FL

Join Fraud, Forensic and Litigation Services Partner Jeff Aucoin, CPA, CFF, CFE, CIA, as he presents Fraud & Ethics at the AICPA Controllers Conference.    

Fraud can happen in any organization at any time. Can an organization set internal controls to mitigate fraud or should organizations trust employees? There is a balance between trust and control. Fraud will cross your path at some point, and when it does, will you be prepared for it? During this session:

  • Gain the understanding of the true impact fraud can have on an organization
  • Learn to identify the most-common red flags of employee fraud
  • Gain the understanding of how to implement simple controls that help to mitigate fraud losses
  • Receive an inside look at a typical fraudster profile and why owners/executives trust them with the keys to the kingdom

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