Annual Accounting and Auditing Conference May 11, 2016

Fraud and Ethics Issues
30th Annual Accounting and Auditing Conference
Embassy Suites
Ridgeland, MS

Join Fraud, Forensic and Litigation Services Partner Jeff Aucoin, CPA, CFF, CFE, CIA, and Manager Lori Liddell, CPA, as they present Fraud & Ethics Issues at the 30th Annual Accounting and Auditing Conference. 

During this session, we will cover three topics: 

50 Shades of Grey: How Mental Lapses May Lead to Litigation
Duration: 50 minutes

Increasingly, audit firms are facing litigation, not just from audit failures, but from lapses in judgment. While adhering to all applicable standards, there are still times where “grey areas” can lead to unexpected and often unwarranted accounting malpractice claims. A review of current and historic cases will provide insight into these potential dangers. 

Ethics for the Decisions That Aren't Dilemmas
Duration: 100 minutes

There may not be a right answer for ethical dilemmas, but we must understand the “right” answer for our ethical decisions.  This presentation will address the reasons why some traditional ethics training miss the intended target and how to view ethical decisions and behavior in a completely different light. 

Stop Fraud – Trust vs. Control
Duration: 50 minutes

Fraud can happen in any organization at almost any time.  Can an organization set internal controls to mitigate fraud or should organizations trust employees to do the right thing?  There is a balance between trust and control, and as business professionals, we must help others find the right balance. Fraud will cross your path at some point in your career, and when it does, will you be prepared for it? 

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