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How to Manage FMV/CR Risk in Healthcare Transactions

Mitigating the risk of a qui tam relator should be a top priority for healthcare risk management systems.

Reducing Variation: The Cure for Health Care Cost Challenges

How reducing variation in care alleviates the cost conundrum.

The Effect of MACRA On Physician Practice FMV

The Effect of MACRA On Physician Practice FMV

Status Quo is not a Strategy to Face Health Care Challenges in 2014

Status quo is not a strategy. Facing the changing landscape of healthcare delivery.

Helping Counsel Spot Danger Zones in Physician Deals

How poor valuations jeopardize your healthcare organization.

RAC Audits: Better Good Than Lucky

Why strong front-end processes generate reliable RAC audit appeals.

Video - Industry Challenges

HORNE Healthcare exists to help you to respond to disruptive delivery model change.

HORNE Healthcare Team Approach

Healthcare is in our DNA.

Hospital/Physician Integration: Creating A Culture of Compliance

The value of building a culture of compliance.

Value-Based Compensation - Infographic

8 Considerations in Moving Employed Physicians from Volume to Value-Based Compensation