Healthcare Resources

Reducing Variation: The Cure for Health Care Cost Challenges

How reducing variation in care alleviates the cost conundrum.

Status Quo is not a Strategy to Face Health Care Challenges in 2014

Status quo is not a strategy. Facing the changing landscape of healthcare delivery.

RAC Audits: Better Good Than Lucky

Why strong front-end processes generate reliable RAC audit appeals.

Helping Counsel Spot Danger Zones in Physician Deals

How poor valuations jeopardize your healthcare organization.

Video - Industry Challenges

HORNE Healthcare exists to help you to respond to disruptive delivery model change.

HORNE Healthcare Team Approach

Healthcare is in our DNA.

Hospital/Physician Integration: Creating A Culture of Compliance

The value of building a culture of compliance.

Value-Based Compensation - Infographic

8 Considerations in Moving Employed Physicians from Volume to Value-Based Compensation

The Effect of Macra On Physician Practice FMV

The Effect of Macra On Physician Practice FMV