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HORNE Banking Blog

What Banks Need to Know About the InTREx Cybersecurity Program

On July 1, 2016, the FDIC updated its Information Technology Risk Management Program (IT-RMP) with the Information Technology Risk Examination (InTREx) Program. Applicable to all FDIC-supervised institutions, regardless of size,... Continue reading

HORNE Cyber Blog

5 Cybersecurity Strategy Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Read through your Twitter feed or turn on the news on any given day and one thing is evident: cyber attacks are happening in every industry and organization size. It... Continue reading

HORNE Healthcare Blog

Assessing Population Health: CHNAs Can Be More Than Governmental Requirements

There is growing recognition that the social determinants of health—where we live, work, and play; the food we eat; the opportunities we have to exercise; our ability to live in... Continue reading

Views on Value: Strategies to Transform Healthcare

Setting Quality Metrics for Value-Based Pay, Part Two: Evaluating MACRA Metrics and Physician Impact

In the previous installment of this two-part series, we considered how the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) is the game-changer in the transformation of physician payment... Continue reading

Beyond the Noise

Virtues of Do It Yourself Bond Laddering

Bond ladders are frequently criticized in the financial media and even among some professional advisors (who, I would point out, are often able to use only bond mutual funds or... Continue reading

In Service Blog

Getting What You Pay For

We have all heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for,” and then we have all had times where we overpaid for what we got. When it comes to... Continue reading