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HORNE Banking Blog

7 Changes in the Financial CHOICE Act that Will Change Banking

As the 2016 Presidential debates begin in earnest, scrutiny is intensifying around a number of issues that will have a significant impact on banks. One of these is the possible... Continue reading

HORNE Cyber Blog

Strengthening Your Cyber Resilience: Six Questions to Ask Yourself

As a former network administrator and IT Manager, I’ve spent most of my IT career defending networks from the bad guys along with keeping the daily IT ship afloat. Take... Continue reading

HORNE Healthcare Blog

New Physician Leases May Be Needed to Avoid Compliance Risk

Did your hospital’s outpatient department begin operations, expand its service lines or relocate after November 2, 2015?... Continue reading

Beyond the Noise

The Top 10 Places Your Next Dollar Should Go

There is no shortage of receptacles clamoring for your money each day. No matter how much money you have or make, it could never keep up with all the seemingly... Continue reading

In Service Blog

From Victims to Victors

It’s been nearly eight years since I began serving on the Katrina Disaster Recovery program on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Going in, I knew there would be many challenging moments... Continue reading