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HORNE Banking Blog

Trick or Trump: The Radical Impact on Community Banks and Their Consumers

Saturday (April 29) marks the 100th day of the Trump Presidency. The benchmark has historically been used to review promises made and kept, as well as where progress has occurred... Continue reading

HORNE Cyber Blog

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and throughout my childhood I played a lot of sports. I played anything from basketball, to soccer, to pickup games of kickball and baseball... Continue reading

HORNE Healthcare Blog

In Latest Report, MedPAC Reiterates Call to Equalize Payments

With health care spending growth still increasing, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC or the Commission) continues to pursue its mission to advise US Congress on the Medicare program and... Continue reading

Beyond the Noise

Investment Horizons During Retirement

Life is all about balance. You want to enjoy life along the way, but it’s also vital to set aside resources for days that lie ahead. Successful retirement planning means... Continue reading

In Service Blog

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

On a recent Saturday morning, I stood with my niece at the crossroads of a busy intersection to help her sell highly-sought after Girl Scout cookies. It would have been... Continue reading