Anna Stroble, J.D.

1215 19th Street Northwest
3rd floor
Washington, DC 20036
Main: 202.467.4170
Direct: 601.326.1317

Why we exist.

We exist to support and implement our clients’ recovery visions by delivering a level of client service that is unrivaled in the industry. We provide consistent, exceptional client service through our in-depth industry knowledge, vast experience and unmatched dedication and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. Fueled by our own personal experiences with natural disasters, we are keenly aware of the difficult journey to full restoration and have witnessed first-hand communities transformed with the assistance of federal recovery programs. We are driven to support our clients as they build their recovery legacy—moving their communities from adversity to opportunity.

How I can help you.

I partner with you to design and implement innovative and efficient federal recovery programs that both maximize the impact of recovery funds available to your community and comply with the vast, interconnected federal regulations governing such programs. With every program design, there is a regulatory consideration. Regulatory compliance, while daunting, is the foundation of any successful recovery program. I am committed to best-positioning clients by proactively serving them and anticipating their needs. As an attorney with years of experience implementing regulatory requirements for a wide range of state and local government clients, including serving as Senior Counsel for a $5 billion disaster recovery program, I have developed credibility with regulatory agencies, and clients can be confident that the programs we develop together are compliant and industry leading.

What I value.

My faith and my family are the two things in life I value most. I treasure time with my husband, Jay, and daughters Ansley, Emma Kate, and Charlotte. Seeing the hopeful future through their eyes fuels me as I work with clients to build a better future for their communities.

My daughters also inspire me to cultivate our future professional leaders. I am passionate about achieving diversity and inclusion in the professional community, so I intentionally invest my time and efforts into helping my colleagues reach their full potential.

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