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Carol is a manager in the data and technology department at HORNE where she serves as a data scientist. Her primary focus is to work with clients by utilizing the power of data science and technology to solve problems they encounter in their daily business operations. She is passionate about creating a data culture conducive for continuous learning by applying her knowledge of economics and statistics to tackle business problems and by using data science to turn ideas into tangible solutions. She specializes in providing data analytics and visualization solutions, generating business intelligence reports, and streamlining existing manual processes.

She joined the firm in 2020 with over 15 years of data analysis experience. Along with her experience in data analysis, she also worked as an assistant economics professor where she conducted academic research, presented research findings at leading economic conferences, reviewed and critiqued research findings and assessed the validity of scientific methods. In that role, she guided and assisted many students in starting their careers in data science.

Carol earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Colgate University. Along with this, she also earned her Master of Arts and PhD in Economics from Ohio State University.