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Indrajit is a senior data architect in our data and technology department at HORNE. He specializes in leading critical initiatives to analyze, define, develop and implement advanced business analytics platforms resulting in the delivery of decision support systems for in-house users and external clients. His expertise ranges from big data architecture, data warehousing design and data integration to business analytics and system analysis and design.

Indrajit joined the firm in 2020 and has more than 25 years of information technology and data architectural experience. He is passionate about translating business visions into business intelligence solutions that help clients make informed and strategic decisions. He works to help his clients with multiple design methodologies, and he uses his industry knowledge and technical expertise across multiple products and tools. In addition to this, he has experience with driving end-to-end solutions from visualizing strategy to defining project plans to resource management.

Indrajit graduated from St. Xavier’s College with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance.