Robert Alexander, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA

1020 Highland Colony Parkway
Suite 400
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Main: 601.326.1000
Direct: 601.326.1041
FAX: 601.714.2063

Why we exist.

Recently, a client requested assistance with developing a plan to buyout the majority owner. We were able to help them negotiate the best deal and close the sale. We were there from start to finish, which helped them secure their future. Whether it is M&A, expert witness testimony or other litigation services, the challenge to solve clients’ problems drives me. People must deal with the hand they are dealt, and our ability to help clients see solutions (rather than problems) sets us apart.

How I can help you.

Every engagement our group accepts is unique. I have over 20 years of experience thinking outside the box and explaining the opportunities that others may not see. I enjoy the challenge of finding a unique solution to difficult problems and defending that solution when others may disagree. The challenge and overall competitive nature of expert testimony are very rewarding to me.

What I value.

I am on the board of trustees of the Mississippi Museum of Art. Whether it is the museum, my church or other organizations I work with, I want to have a solid impact on the community in which I live.

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