Wise Firm

The Wise Firm© is the name of our culture at HORNE. It is both who we are, and who we aspire to be.

Based on the Biblical parable of a wise man who built his house on a strong foundation and weathered great storms, the Wise Firm is our blueprint that outlines the specific building blocks required to create the great culture we have envisioned.


Building the Wise Firm

Engage with the Wise Firm in this interactive tool. Learn about the 13 building blocks that build the Wise Firm.


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Belonging at HORNE

Belonging at HORNE is about using our diverse strengths, ideas and talents as we support each other in reaching our Full Potential. It is our commitment to help you find a sense of belonging, purpose and empowerment.

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War on Culture

HORNE has declared a war on accounting firm culture, one that must be fought strategically and in the trenches. Join us as we challenge the mainstays of public accounting — the more troops in the battle, the better our odds of gaining ground.

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Serving Our Communities

Giving back to our local communities is a huge part of life at HORNE. Team members invest their time in valuable causes every year, serving with passion to help our communities reach their Full Potential.

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Fearless Unrivaled Flexibility

At HORNE, it’s about results, not the number of hours you work. So, we live life with Fearless Unrivaled Flexibility—a philosophy that values people, client service excellence and your unique career/life choices.

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Culture Matters

At HORNE, culture matters. So much so, we named our culture the Wise Firm© (yes, it really has a name). It is both who we are and who we aspire to be, and we are building it together. Hear unique perspectives on life at HORNE from team members themselves.

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"beBetter" is our battle cry. It's our mindset. It's our relentless commitment to improving ourselves, our processes, each other and our firm. All of this, so we can exceed our clients' expectations. Executive Partner Joey Havens authors this blog with leadership insights to help us all beBetter.

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HORNE is a decidedly different CPA and business advisory firm that is changing expectations about accounting. Clients trust us to meet their needs with foresight, straight talk and collaboration. Our team members set out each day to challenge the mainstays of public accounting and build the Wise Firm. Join us on the journey!

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