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As your business grows, so will your needs. Our Business Consulting Services can help you manage growth and profitably and position you to address challenges and opportunities as they arise.

At HORNE, we go beyond taxes, accounting and back-office functions. We offer a broad array of services to give you a competitive edge. Our in-depth understanding of construction enables us to provide the financial and business guidance you need to successfully compete, grow and plan for the future.

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"It’s a balancing act to minimize taxes while being able to show solid earnings and ample working capital for sureties. HORNE Construction helps you manage your business for optimum results."

Minimizing risks. Protecting assets. Creating opportunity. It’s what we do.

Mergers & Acquisition

If selling your business is your end goal, it’s never too early to start planning. HORNE Capital Strategies can help you maximize the return from your years of hard work.

From positioning your business for sale, to identifying potential buyers, to accessing funding and finalizing the transaction, you’ll find the industry knowledge you need to complete the sale of your business at HORNE.

If you are interested in growing through acquisitions, HORNE will help you identify potential candidates and walk you through the steps to complete the acquisition.

Strategic Planning

Where do you want your business to go from here? What are your short and long-term goals? We help you explore your options and make more informed strategic decisions by offering input in a variety of areas, including:

  • Bank loan and lease package preparation
  • Benchmark and key operating indicator reports
  • Budget creation
  • Cash/working capital management
  • Debt negotiations
  • Profitability consulting and overhead analysis

Bonding Advisory

Surety credit is the lifeblood of successful construction companies. HORNE Construction understands the information that sureties want and how they interpret it. By focusing on data that accurately and positively represents your financial health, and putting processes in place to enhance your performance and profitability, we can better position you to obtain the bonding you need to secure future projects.

Technology Solutions

What’s the right tool for the job? It depends on what you’re trying to build. Our IT consulting services will help you identify the systems that can help you improve performance, streamline operations and automate your business functions. Services include:

  • Appropriate system selection
  • Financial data and system cleanup
  • Software installation and setup
  • Software conversions
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting and support

Can a Cybersecurity Breach Happen To Me?

Construction companies are an attractive target for a wide variety of cyber criminals, and the attackers are becoming more active and aggressive.

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Today, cybersecurity goes far beyond hacking and identity theft. In a world where finances, transactions, health records and even heavy equipment are digital, we help clients plan for the worst by protecting their IT environment.

Hacking and malware not only costs your company money, but can also cause loss of data, resulting in downtime, lost productivity and disruption of your day-to-day business operations.

HORNE Cyber provides testing of your systems to help you take an offense-oriented approach. By identifying vulnerabilities now, you can bend and not break when an attack occurs.

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