Fraud, Forensics and Litigation

Fraud, Forensics and Litigation


Take the worry out of doing business.


Overcharges. Employee theft. Contract violations. Fraud has always been a concern for contractors. But recent technological advances ranging from cybersecurity to Artificial Intelligence to internet-enabled machinery have opened a whole new realm of potential risk and exposure.

At HORNE, we help you address the risk and impact of fraudulent actions. By harnessing the same technology advances that threaten your profitability, we can develop controls to prevent fraud. And should the need arise, we have the experience needed to pinpoint damages and present clear, concise findings to the court.

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The world is full of risks. We’ll help you find ways to control them.

Fraud Controls

It’s sad to say, but a certain percentage of employees, vendors or customers will choose to commit fraud. While the decision is theirs, the opportunity for them to commit fraud is often the result of poor internal controls.

We can help reduce your exposure and mitigate risk by helping you put safeguards into place. By implementing proper processes, best practices and internal controls, you can reduce the opportunity for fraud and protect the things you’ve worked for.

Litigation Support

Civil actions. White collar crime. Divorce. Estate settlements. Litigation that involves your business assets require a clear representation of your holdings and their value. Our knowledge of both accounting and construction can be a tremendous asset to litigation.

We can help you accurately demonstrate your claim by investigating issues, gathering documents, performing financial analysis and data analytics and conducting interviews to provide expert testimony.

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