Job Costing


Protecting profits begins with understanding costs.


You can’t predict and protect profitability unless you understand the true cost of doing business. A thorough analysis of job costs can reduce your risk of loss, as well as help fine-tune profitability as your business grows.

We help contractors understand the total cost of doing business. Once you demonstrate a firm and accurate grasp of job costing, securing work becomes easier, sureties become more confident in the financial health of your business and you approach new projects with a greater certainty of how profitable they will be.

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Maximizing bottom-line profitability begins with understanding costs.

Contract Analysis

In construction, no two projects are alike. The same is true with contracts. At HORNE Construction, we help you review contracts to make sure that you’re being accurately charged by a subcontractor and that there are no hidden risks or costs. We can also perform a review of past contracts, so that you can identify the more profitable types of projects to pursue in the future.

Job Cost Analysis

Are you currently making costly mistakes? Job cost analysis can identify misclassification errors, weaknesses and risks in the way you bid and manage jobs. It can also reveal practical and effective ways to dramatically improve your profit margin.

As an added bonus, being able to demonstrate a firm understanding of job costs can help you land new business and secure future bonding more easily. HORNE Construction performs total job cost audits under Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), ensuring the accuracy of the job costing process.

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