Tax Services

Tax Services


Create opportunities through ensuring compliance.


With owner-operated businesses, it’s very easy to blur the line between personal and business finances. How can you take a long-term financial view for both? Is it smarter to leave money in the business or take it out? What’s the best way to manage your personal and business taxes? 

As an owner, almost every decision has a potential impact on your construction taxes. At HORNE, we help you understand your choices and develop strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Taxes are an obligation and a powerful tool for improving your business.

Construction Tax Planning & Strategy

Recent changes in the tax code have created new complexities — and opportunities — for your business. At HORNE, we help you go beyond simply meeting your tax requirements. We show you how taxes affect your business. When you make crucial business decisions, you need strategies that take these tax impacts into account.

We can give you new perspectives on:

  • Entity structure review and selection
  • Accounting methodology changes
  • Personal tax services
  • Tax payment scheduling
  • Cost segregation and job costing
  • Cash/working capital management

“In regard to taxes, we never had a strategic plan before. HORNE helped us foresee what our liabilities will be — and showed us how to mitigate them by taking advantage of depreciation laws, how to minimize the impact in the coming years.”   — Kyle Cassagne, JLB Contractors, LLC

Tax Compliance

Because we understand the construction industry, we can help you minimize the time devoted to taxes and free you to focus on your business. We offer reliable oversight of tax preparation and compliance, so you remain prepared and confident. We perform oversight of relevant tax rules, laws and regulations, allowing you to minimize your tax burden and use tax law to your advantage.

Get all the tax advice your construction business needs, including:

  • Federal, state and local taxes
  • Annual reports
  • Business license tax
  • Census reports
  • Form 1099 filing
  • Industry-specific tax and license filing
  • Personal property schedules
  • Privilege license returns
  • Sales and use tax

Tax Representation

No one likes an audit or tax inquiry. But statistically, private business owners run an above-average risk of these types of incidents. Minimize the time, stress and distraction of dealing with the IRS and other tax agencies. Let HORNE interface with state and federal tax personnel and provide the necessary reports, responses and documentation needed to resolve any issues.

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