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HORNE provides the financial insights and solutions you need to make sound decisions and strengthen your business.

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Managing your operations requires construction accounting support that considers every detail.

Construction has one of the highest failure rates of all industries. Success requires accurate and timely information to monitor performance, control costs, manage cash flow, and improve profitability. Sureties and lenders must have confidence in your financial records. There must be clarity to detect problems and make adjustments before it is too late.

Keeping your business on a solid foundation requires a CPA firm that knows construction. HORNE is the go-to construction accounting and advisory firm in the South. With knowledge of the industry’s unique challenges and opportunities, we provide clients with the financial guidance needed to successfully compete, grow, and plan for the future.  

Bonding Counsel

HORNE Construction makes sure you can answer the difficult questions sureties will ask so you can present the most compelling case for the bonding capacity you need.

Business Operations

HORNE Construction offers guidance to help contractors minimize tax liability, increase efficiencies and plan for growth.


HORNE Construction job cost analysis accounts for every part of a job from start to finish, making sure all potential direct and indirect cost categories are captured and allocated correctly. 

Fraud & Controls

The HORNE Construction team includes experienced fraud examiners who help establish internal controls to prevent fraud, conduct examinations when it is needed and provide evidence for action.

Litigation Support

The HORNE Construction team prepares and applies accounting standards and practices as evidence for litigation and claims.

Succession Planning

HORNE Construction considers every part and consequence of your succession needs, from determining fair market value to developing the right transition plans for you.