Bonding Counsel

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Informed bonding counsel positions you for maximum bonding capacity and improved profitability.

Surety credit is the lifeblood of successful construction companies. Acquiring bonding requires that you maintain accurate and timely records that paint a true picture of your financial position. HORNE Construction is 100% dedicated to the construction industry. We understand the information that sureties want, and we have insight into how they interpret it.  

Surety credit enables you to bid on jobs and stay in business. Acquiring bonding support requires you to maintain accurate, timely financial information that properly reflects your job status at any point in time and stands as proof of your capacity to handle the job.

We are an experienced construction accounting and advisory team trusted for education and support in the bonding process. We help you understand and categorize job costs so you can answer questions, build relationships and increase the chance that bonding is available to you when you need it.

Keeping surety requirements in mind, we prepare compelling, factual financial proof of your ability to perform. The bond agent and surety must be comfortable with your character, business continuity, capital and ability to create a profit. We have deep experience with agents and understand how to meet their needs, focusing on data that accurately and positively represents your financial health.

To reduce risk and keep you prepared to pursue bonding as opportunities arise, we also perform regular assessments about ways to strengthen internal controls for interim reporting. Our goal is to keep you positioned and prepared to do the jobs you want to do, by obtaining the bonding support you need.