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Job cost analysis shows the true cost of doing business.

Without a process to ensure overheads and indirect costs are properly captured, coded and recorded to the correct job, you lack the information to understand the true cost of business and an accurate snapshot of profits.

The HORNE Construction team is 100% dedicated to the industry, and our expertise enables us to provide best practices and corrective action plans that maximize your ability to produce accurate job reports and schedules. Understanding your total cost of business helps you to improve the likelihood of securing work, know the value of operations, and comply with contract provisions and tax law. Job cost analysis can reduce the risk of surprise and loss by helping you to remain informed throughout every phase of the job.

Understanding your costs also impacts your ability to get bonds. Demonstrating control of your financials gives bond agents and sureties confidence in your financial health. HORNE works as your partner to offer the insight and processes you need to reach the greatest level of success.

Analysis of Contract Cost Components and Burden Rates

Understanding all contract cost components and burden rates is vital for accurate financial reporting, tax and contract compliance. HORNE makes sure you can identify all job cost components and burden rates, and makes sure they are properly recorded in the accounting and job costing systems. 

Job Cost Analysis

Job cost analysis can identify errors, weaknesses or risks, and highlight ways to maximize operational profitability. The results serve as evidence of your ability to account for jobs. Additionally, because job costing is a significant source of misclassification errors, HORNE uses total job cost audits to confirm that your recorded costs exist and are valid.

HORNE Construction performs total job cost audits under Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), assuring the accuracy of the job costing process.