Align capital strength, strategy and objectives to steer for the curves ahead.

Intelligent progress requires balancing margin pressures, capital, risk and regulation with cautious optimism.

Technology is changing the banking experience, economic fluctuations are shaping regulation, and banks are no longer local institutions.

Your ability to meet growth objectives depends on the strength of your capital base. In the changing economic climate, HORNE makes sure your progress is informed by reliable data, so it is a source of accretive earnings, not a risk to your liquidity.

Expansion Strategies

HORNE helps banks design and implement forward-thinking expansion strategies so your branch presence can accomplish all the right objectives.


HORNE helps banks analyze and execute on M&A activity, handling every detail so your actions satisfy the best interests of all shareholders.

Public vs. Private

HORNE provides solid counsel and reliable strategies to help banks determine whether an IPO is worth the risk, and to undertake a public offering as a source of vitality for the long term.


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