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The U.S. economy is experiencing a moderate surge in bank M&A activity.

Since 2009, improved valuations, robust capital reserves, a solid stock market, a shrinking gap between how sellers value their institution and what buyers are willing to pay have contributed to an upswing in bank M&A activity. Collectively, they indicate a strong environment for the trend to continue.

M&A can be a realistic approach for growth-oriented banks seeking to accomplish strategic goals, including consolidating or expanding a geographic footprint, honing service offerings, and freeing up resources. Yet, an acquisition doesn’t always add to earnings per share and regulatory hurdles can threaten the pace and effectiveness of deals.

HORNE Banking helps financial institutions analyze and execute on acquisition, merger and sell transactions.

We understand that finding the right partner and getting the right price are based on a realistic and well-defined vision of where you want to grow. It requires an objective understanding of your organization, your customer base, specializations and geography. We guide your team in planning for and acting strategically across the M&A lifecycle, helping to secure the long-term success of your organization.


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