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Are you ready for an IPO?

The stock market is a viable path to funding. For banks, that means IPO is an attainable alternative to seeking capital through private equity firms and institutional investors.

HORNE has long been a trusted CPA and advisory firm for banks in the South. We know that growth implies risk. As you work to decipher the strategic value of an IPO, you can rely on our perspective and demonstrated ability to institute reliably accretive strategies.

We help you determine whether you are ready to go public, asking pointed questions to balance costs and benefits of the transaction, including:

  • What are the benefits of going public?
  • What additional compliance and reporting requirements will you face?
  • Will your story generate interest among analysts?
  • Are you creating an accretive equity base?
  • What is the right size for the offer?
  • How should you structure corporate governance? 

HORNE has worked through financial upswings and crises to help banks create opportunities. We provide an objective viewpoint and the resources you need to pursue and sustain growth. As you undertake the IPO process, we will put the structure in place to demonstrate the value of your stock, creating stakeholder confidence and a foundation for the vitality for your organization through the long run.


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