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IT audit and risk assessments are the new business reality for banks.

The speed of innovation in information technology (IT) has brought about a completely new set of requirements for success, new regulations and new risks.

HORNE Banking helps you keep up with the digital rise. Addressing the unique regulatory and risk demands connected to managing financial data, our IT security program enables you to improve cybersecurity and meet FFIEC and GLBA compliance. Across the board, we help you mitigate risk by aligning IT and business strategies. That can include assisting with identifying, designing and testing the IT controls within your organization to identify potential vulnerabilities or opportunities for improvement. We work directly with external IT auditors to identify and ensure your controls are covered.

Implementing IT applications is a significant undertaking that requires rigorous oversight. HORNE guides system conversions and data migrations as part of our holistic advisory process.

We bring an audit focus technical know-how to help you keep your IT structure safe and powerful.

HORNE Bank IT Assurance Services

  • FFIEC Assessments
  • IT Governance and Process Consulting
  • IT Internal Audit Co/Outsourcing
  • Application Implementation Support Consulting
  • Analytics and Decision Support Consulting
  • Business Process Improvement Leveraging IT Advisory Services
  • IT General Controls and Audit Support IT Services
  • IT Vendor Management Advisory Services
  • IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consulting
  • IT Risk Assessment and Remediation Consulting
  • IT Security and Controls Consulting
  • Network Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident response and forensics
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Configuration Auditing

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