Credit Unions

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You focus on your members’ financial success.
HORNE focuses on yours.

Today’s credit unions face unique risks that go beyond regulatory compliance. While the ever-increasing demands of regulators continue to weigh on your resources, you are also confronted by growth challenges, talent shortages, and cybersecurity threats.

But in every challenge, lies an opportunity.

With that mindset, you will strengthen your credit union and your relationships with members, helping them see that they, too, can uncover opportunities among their financial challenges.

Your members appreciate your unyielding commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals, your collaborative spirit, and your devotion to their community. They know their credit union is their business partner, and so do we.

At HORNE, we foster that same collaborative spirit with our clients, which is why you’ll find that our services fit seamlessly into your culture and operations. We are more than an accounting firm; we have unrivaled, focused financial institution expertise, so that we can help you grow.

How do we do that?

Our credit union specialists apply their industry-focused experience, audit and tax expertise, and understanding of the regulatory environment to help you attract new members and strengthen your service offerings. We also tap the expertise of HORNE compliance and cybersecurity professionals to offer well-rounded, forward-looking ideas and insights that will help you mitigate risk before it impacts your operations and sustain a healthy, competitive organization.

Because we focus on financial institutions, our experience-backed solutions give you more time to focus on your members:

  • Independent opinion audits do much more than check your compliance; they offer objective feedback on your financial health that you can use to strengthen your operations and future performance, as well as your credibility with members and other stakeholders.
  • Tax analysis and preparation designed specifically for member-owned, not-for-profit organizations to satisfy federal, state, and local tax requirements.
  • Internal audit services supplement your existing staff and ensure you are meeting accountability expectations and optimally addressing risk management, growth, and compliance.
  • Professional guidance and support boost the efficiency and success of your growth plans. Whether you grow through mergers and acquisitions or expansion into unserved markets, we guide you throughout the entire process—from strategy consultation to due diligence to document preparation.
  • Ongoing updates, interpretations, and impact analysis of the ever-changing compliance requirements affecting your credit union helps you maintain compliance and respond proactively to new legislation.
  • A cybersecurity approach that combines a hacker mentality with CPA discipline and credit union knowledge to help protect you and your members from cyber risks before they surface.

In partnership with you, HORNE Financial Institutions professionals help you capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk. Our services strengthen your financial integrity, improve your cybersecurity, and ease your regulatory burden. A strong credit union allows you to focus on member growth, superior rates, and great service.