Audit Services

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Assurance is a baseline. We want to be your accountability partner.

You need an audit, but it can be so much more.  At HORNE, we’re on a mission to slash the check-the-box reputation of third-party auditors.  Sure, we test your controls and verify the financial information you present, but those are our baseline functions. HORNE’s audit teams partner with you to uncover insights and ideas for improving your credit union’s financial health so that you can capitalize on opportunities to enhance member services and provide superior rates.

By engaging HORNE auditors, you will demonstrate your commitment to:

  • effective risk management,
  • strong internal controls,
  • financial integrity, and
  • your mission and objectives.

We offer both internal and external audit services that will help you build trust with your supervisory committee, members, and regulators and position your organization for continued growth and success.

Opinion Audits

Opinion audits provide the highest level of assurance to your stakeholders that your financial statements are fairly presented and adhere to generally accepted accounting principles. These independent examinations can only be performed by a CPA, whose opinion boosts credibility due to the profession’s rigorous standards. Because of our depth of experience with financial institutions, HORNE’s audit process is streamlined and our recommendations are anticipatory and actionable.

Internal Audit Services

The internal audit function takes the pulse of your control environment. It is essential for maintaining a proactive approach to risk management. HORNE’s internal audit services offer valuable solutions for credit unions in any stage of growth.

Outsourced Internal Audit

When your credit union has reached a stage of growth and complexity of operations that need an additional layer of control, but you don’t yet have the resources for an in-house internal audit team, HORNE can fulfill the role. By outsourcing your internal audit function, you’ll get a specialized, experienced perspective and proactive insights on your key business risks, controls, and processes from a qualified CPA. You won’t have to worry about staff qualifications, retention, or turnover in this department, so you will have more time to focus on member service and growth.

We can help you:

  • Formulate the internal audit function
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Develop an internal audit plan to address identified risks
  • Complete all required testing
  • Report to management and the board

Co-sourced Internal Audit

HORNE can work with your staff to build out the necessary resources and skill base you need for a vibrant internal audit function. We can assist your internal audit staff, manager, director, or officer with:

  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Internal audit plan development and review
  • Testing and reporting for complex areas or areas that require additional skills and expertise

Internal Audit Consulting

The HORNE audit team can help you optimize your in-house internal audit function:

  • Review your internal audit function for overall efficiency and effectiveness
  • Review your internal audit procedures for correctness and sufficiency
  • Assist you with annual planning and risk assessment
  • Provide your internal audit team with professional training

HORNE is a leading provider of audit services for financial institutions because of our focused experience with credit unions. Your financial reporting obligations are unique. HORNE’s experienced auditors understand your operating and regulatory environments, and we want to be your accountability partner as you strive to provide more value to your members.