Cybersecurity Solutions

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Your members trust you with more than their money.
Protect their valuable data.

Cybersecurity: An overused business buzzword, or a true, modern threat?

Perhaps both.

Buzzword or not, cybersecurity is one of the largest areas of risk and concern for credit unions and their stakeholders. Hackers continue to grow in number and sophistication, and they do not discriminate. Even smaller, community-based financial institutions cannot fly safely under the radar.

Everyone—especially those entrusted with protecting financial information—must be on-guard. Your members expect it, and thanks to many high-profile cyber attacks, so do regulators.

HORNE cybersecurity specialists combine a hacker mentality with a focus on financial institutions to guide your credit union through the risk management process and protect you and your members from the threats of cyber criminals. They also tap the professional insights of HORNE CPAs, who offer unparalleled knowledge of financial institution's inner-workings.

HORNE’s information security services for credit unions include:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Cybersecurity program development and implementation
  • Advanced penetration testing
  • Information security consulting
  • IT assurance
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Periodic cybersecurity review

You’ve worked hard to build trust with your members. Data breaches are a proven threat to member loyalty and your credit union’s reputation. Your members need to know their information is protected and your controls are bulletproof. To demonstrate that, you need a rock-solid IT security program that includes ongoing monitoring and risk assessments.

Contact us to learn how HORNE can help you meet the expectations of regulators, protect your credit union from cyber attacks and enhance your member services.