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Financing the dreams of rural America requires a strong and efficient Farm Credit System.

Farm Credit Associations provide critical financing for the growth and success of rural communities and agriculture. Your diverse financial products and services provide farmers and agribusinesses with the capital they need for ensuring a long and prosperous future. Your credit terms and repayment schedules are customized to crop or livestock lifecycles, not pages on a calendar. 

There are challenges, but there are also opportunities

Complex regulations, rapidly changing technology and fraud risk are increasing the need for all organizations within the Farm Credit System to focus on risk management. And while you may see these as challenges, we view them as opportunities to strengthen your institution.

We are a firm with deep roots in an area of the country where agriculture plays a major role in the economy. We have experience serving financial institutions through good times and crisis, and we use that experience to help our clients build and maintain the strong foundation needed to provide the capital that keeps your customer-owners strong and successful.

How we do that?

We take time to understand your situation and needs, and then collaborate to customize solutions in the same way that you do for your customer-owners, especially in these areas:

  • Risk Management: We put the knowledge and insights gained from working with financial institutions around the country together with an understanding of your unique risk profile. You get a balanced look at your risk from a fresh set of experienced eyes.

  • Cybersecurity: Farm Credit Associations rely on one of the four major wholesale banks for critical support in areas like information technology. Our goal is to work as your advocate with the wholesale bank to identify opportunities that can leverage technology for growth while protecting your data and operations.

  • Fraud Protection: It’s tough to think fraud can happen to you. As a community-based, family-oriented business it’s even harder to believe that an employee would break that trust. We understand the importance of trust and work with you to ensure you have the controls in place to reduce your risk and minimize the opportunity for fraud. Often the same improvements that protect against fraud can also result in enhanced business processes.

  • Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL): All financial institutions will have to comply with CECL regulations, and applying those rules to the customized lending packages that Farm Credit Associations deliver will require a new perspective in how you capture credit risk. We develop loan loss models that are customized to reflect your customer-owners and risk profile.

By providing guidance on the regulatory environment and insights on risk management across your association, HORNE is helping Farm Credit Associations fulfill their missions.

HORNE has much in common with the Farm Credit System. Our Wise Firm culture is built on the same foundation of commitment to clients and community that has made the Farm Credit System such an important part of the lives of rural Americans.


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