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Farm Credit Cybersecurity—Unique challenges for specialized lenders

Cybersecurity is one of the largest areas of risk for all financial institutions, and Farm Credit Associations are no exception.

Regulatory compliance is an important baseline that every association needs to cover. But new hacker threats arise more quickly than regulators can act. Protecting against these threats requires going beyond compliance with a heightened state of vigilance and a commitment to working with your regional banks to make sure they adapt quickly.

They Aren’t Just Your Customers, They Are Your Neighbors
Farm Credit professionals are more closely connected to their borrowers and shareholders than most. A data breach doesn’t result in e-mails to remote holders of accounts around the country followed by floods of calls to an 800 number. If a Farm Credit Association is breached, it’s a lot of tough conversations with farmers and ranchers and other residents of your community, many of whom you know by name.

HORNE cybersecurity specialists combine a hacker mentality with a specific understanding of the unique needs of Farm Credit. We help you understand the mindset of your adversary as we guide you through the risk management process.

HORNE’s cybersecurity services for Farm Credit Associations include:

Comprehensive risk assessment

Cybersecurity program development and implementation

Advanced Penetration testing

Information security consulting

IT assurance

Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Planning

SOC Suite of Services

Industry Regulatory Compliance

No association can survive if it loses the trust of the customers who count on it. But the trust relationship between an association and the farmers, ranchers and rural communities it serves is even more critical to the survival of the association and the surrounding economy. Most of your customers probably don’t even think about the cyber risks that arise from sharing information with your association. You need to maintain a solid IT security program to keep those worries from ever crossing their minds.

Contact us to learn how HORNE can help you meet and even exceed the requirements of regulators while protecting your association and its customer information from cyber attacks.


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