Farm Credit Risk Management

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See risk management as a strategic opportunity

Farm Credit Associations face some unique challenges when it comes to internal controls and risk management. The ultimate goals are the same as any business—to identify and mitigate risk. But the co-op structure and specialized regulatory hierarchy demand that any outside consultants recognize the unique needs of your association before engaging with your board. 

Gain A Competitive Edge
We believe that risk management is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. But in order to take advantage of the opportunity, you need to change your perspective. We challenge you to stop looking at risk mitigation as a separate department or an annual check-the-box exercise. Instead, build knowledge within your institution to view risk management as a core value and a function at the center of your organization and your decisions. With a clear and accurate view of your risk, better decisions will be made. And, better decisions put your bank in the best position to succeed and grow.

Build A Culture Of Risk Management
In addition to helping our clients build a culture of risk management, HORNE CPAs take time to understand the specific characteristics of each of our association clients and the unique challenges that each of them must address. The size, resources and customer base of each association contribute significantly to determining which risk mitigation strategies will be most effective. We have learned from experience with farm credit associations that there are no “one size fits all” solutions. We empower your employees and your board to perform their duties related to the internal audit and risk management functions. We also have the resources needed to consult on internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR) and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our team takes a holistic, risk-focused approach to your entire association. HORNE strengthens your risk culture so you can improve operating efficiency and more effectively manage potential challenges and opportunities.

Risk Management Services:

Allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL)

Capital planning

Credit risk management

Enterprise risk management

Interest rate risk management

Internal audit outsourcing

Information technology

Liquidity risk management

Loan review

Market risk management

Mortgage quality control


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