Valuation & Business Exit

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Proper business exit strategy and valuationĀ secures the health and longevity of your business and retirement.

Along with income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, valuation is an integral piece of your financial health snapshot. Franchise business valuation is necessary to understanding the current worth of your businessĀ for driving acquisition, divestiture, and investment decisions as well as business exit strategies and succession plans.

HORNE Franchise provides consultative expertise to help you understand what your business may be worth in terms of marketability. The valuation advice provides a basis for defining succession plans for retirement, exit strategies, as well as gives those hoping to grow and sell the business a stronger base for driving decisions. If you need a formal independent business valuation, our valuation team stands ready to help.

Whether you are growing your business or structuring your estate, valuation and business exit strategy are the cornerstones of a solid future. Rely on HORNE for experienced consultation to help you protect your assets, and give you confidence about your business, your investment and your legacy.