Disaster Recovery

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HORNE Government Services assists communities with efficient, lasting disaster recovery.

Disasters cripple communities, and it’s hard to find calm after the storm. Since the 2005, aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, HORNE Government Services has offered communities a helping hand in getting back on their feet quickly and responsibly. HORNE has earned respect as one of the nation’s best recovery managers by combining the knowledge of an accounting firm with the compassion and urgency that comes from first-hand disaster experience.

HORNE has brought its unique blend of accounting principles and recovery best practices to every major national disaster since Katrina. HORNE understands what it means to be in the disaster recovery trenches. Our clients rest assured knowing that we understand their challenges from a professional perspective and on a human level.

We understand the demands and complexities of disaster grant program management. When recovery is done well, communities return stronger and more resilient. When recovery is done poorly, delays and deobligation hinder progress and defame leadership. HORNE Government Services combines FEMA and HUD experience, reliable financial oversight, and the highest accounting standards. 

Our dedicated team of CPAs, PMPs, CIAs, CISAs, CFEs and CGFMs is relied upon for field-tested knowledge of Stafford Act and CDBG compliance. We have earned respect from federal, state, and local leaders for successfully managing more than $24 billion in disaster recovery funding and for our total dedication to putting the processes and structures in place for sustained community improvement.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

We deliver unrivaled, field-tested solutions for CDBG-DR programs.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Processing (HMGP)

From recipient training to payment processing and acquisitions, we help rebuild strategically and sustainably.

Public Assistance (PA)

Our CPA-led public assistance teams are certified for reimbursement under Category Z. Let us work with you to implement a scientific, risk-based approach to project worksheet management.