Public Assistance (PA)

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HORNE Government Services Public Assistance oversight ensures rehabilitation funds are spent according to FEMA regulations, laws and presidential orders.

Disaster recovery progress can take years. Recipients must ensure federal Public Assistance (PA) Grant program funds are managed systematically throughout the recovery process. HORNE Government Services approaches PA funding management as a long term, collaborative effort that involves key stakeholders. The process takes the enormous breadth and depth of requirements and details impacting each funding recipient, and crystallizes them into direct, actionable guidance that results in successful closeout.

As a team of CPAs, we bring financial and business structure to a complicated government process. Our efforts create transparency and sustainable processes, reducing your risk of deobligation. Our goal is the same as yours – make the greatest possible lasting impact for the recipient with public assistance grant funding.

HORNE Public Assistance Grant Program Results

  • Documents grant expenses in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Proprietary compliance tracking, facilitating early identification of additional funding needs
  • Real-time, customizable PA project status reporting
  • Reimbursement request review process ensures federal compliance, minimizing deobligation rates
  • Workflow to streamline the PA closeout process
  • Verifying eligibility of expenditures