Financial Integrity

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Financial integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of trust and credibility in the government sector.

The HORNE Government Services team of finance-focused government professionals works within your organization to institute efficiency and program effectiveness measures that track and report how money is used. We ask the hard questions, scrutinize process gaps and institute far-reaching solutions that help you maximize the impact and longevity of funding. By clearly accounting for and monitoring responsible use of government funds, we produce transparencies and help keep you focused on your mission.

Our approach balances government industry knowledge with stringent accounting standards. With our support, agencies can have peace of mind about utilizing government funding efficiently and properly. Maximizing the reach and impact of funding means generating the greatest result for the community and individuals within it. HORNE works with agencies as a partner and guide, sharing the goal to do the most good, and putting in place every process necessary to secure ongoing success.

Audit, Monitoring & Oversight Assurance

HORNE Government Services works with state and local organizations to provide proof of the financial integrity of their funds, grants and oversight responsibility.

Business Processes & Policies

HORNE Government Services helps you meet goals through collaboration, transparency and accountability. We work to streamline systems and processes, improve program effectiveness and implement comprehensive solutions.

Risk Management

Through a systematic, disciplined approach, HORNE Government Services helps you achieve your goals and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk culture.