Risk Management

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A sound risk management structure engages a systematic approach to reduce fraud risk and improve efficiencies.

HORNE Government Services takes a disciplined approach to risk management. To assess the potential for fraud, we analyze gaps and potential areas of exposure within your control environment. We customize internal financial controls to meet the needs and mission of your agency, and monitor those structures to give you continued peace of mind about the health of your financial operations.

In the event that your agency is facing an audit, we help you to understand the process and prepare. We support your success and reduce risk by offering guidance and collaboration with management at each step of the audit process. HORNE assists in your financial processes so that you can secure your financial integrity and stay focused on your mission.

Benefits of HORNE Risk Management

  • Agency-wide risk assessment
  • Annual monitoring of control environment for integrity assurance and compliance
  • Audit preparedness for fund accounting and grant management
  • Customized build-out and design of internal control structure
  • Fraud risk mitigation strategies
  • Staff, management and oversight training