Grants Management

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Maximize the impact of public assistance with systematic grants management and federal grants compliance monitoring.

To ensure compliance and reduce the risk of deobligation, grant recipients must administer recovery programs, applicant spending and recovery funding in accordance with federal grant regulations. This requires numerous steps that include determining the eligible scope of work, estimates and accounting for eligible costs within the project.

HORNE Government Services is the first-call team for federal grant compliance program management. Our team of CPAs, PMPs®, CFEs, CIAs and CGFMs applies financial acumen, government experience, and subject matter knowledge to take a long-view approach to PA and disaster recovery. Our objective is to make sure the funding is directed appropriately to accomplish your goals, and to help you prevent deobligation. We take a hands-on consultative approach, working as a member of your team to clarify and confirm all funding compliance requirements.

The HORNE team works with you to implement standardized processes and procedures that simplify program implementation and audit compliance. We leave behind best practices that ensure that you are ready for the next disaster. We pride ourselves in providing you with peace of mind in the form of fast, transparent, prudent systems.

HORNE Government Compliance Services

  • Government Grant Compliance
  • Public Assistance Funding Management
  • State Funding and Audit

HORNE Government Grant Compliance Process

  • Collects and reviews compliance documentation
  • Determines eligibility of expenses
  • Documents grant expenses in accordance with guidelines and regulations
  • Enhances program effectiveness
  • Ensures eligible spending
  • Improves efficiency
  • Meets federal reporting requirements
  • Promotes program and funding transparency
  • Reconciles necessary payments

Grant Compliance Monitoring

HORNE Government Services grant compliance monitoring combines innovation, best practices and the reliability of a CPA firm to help agencies satisfy requirements, avoid deobligation and maximize the impact of funding.

Grant Implementation

HORNE Government Services helps agencies implement solutions to improve processes, produce superior results and reduce costs by streamlining systems and processes, and taking advantage of opportunities to improve programs.