Compliance Monitoring

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HORNE Government Services performs grant compliance monitoring by combining proven innovation and the reliability of an accounting firm.

Any state or local agency that accepts federal funds is obligated to spend it responsibly. Only through continual grant compliance monitoring can you reliably satisfy requirements, protect your agency from deobligation, and maximize the impact of the funding. HORNE Government Services combines national best practices and the highest accounting standards to produce customized grant management processes. We work hand-in-hand with sub-recipients to tailor processes and use of resources, securely transmit documentation, and help agencies comply with monitoring rules to generate maximum community impact.

We work collaboratively with state and local leaders tasked with disaster and non-disaster allocations, recovery, and grant compliance. We clarify what must be monitored, and put in place reliable processes to ensure you can meet or exceed requirements.

Benefits of HORNE Grant Compliance Monitoring

  • Expedite funding disbursements
  • Maximize reimbursement
  • Minimize the risk of deobligation
  • Supplement staffing needs