Private Wealth

When it comes to wealth management, HORNE helps you see the complete picture.

Our Private Wealth team offers an integrated approach to wealth accumulation and preservation.

Private Wealth

Discover the best strategies for reaching your financial goals at the intersection of wealth and tax planning.

Are you approaching your wealth like a football team, with your investments, taxes, retirement and estate plans, and insurance working together to produce the best results?

Just like a football team needs offense, defense and special teams in order to win, a winning wealth strategy integrates your taxes, tax strategy, investments, insurance, retirements and estate plans to produce the best results.

Our Private Wealth team – HORNE Wealth Advisors and HORNE Wealth Strategies – works together to help you build and implement a winning wealth game plan. We integrate the most important aspects of your financial picture and provide insights to create one multidimensional plan with common objectives.

Every wealth decision has financial and tax implications.

We believe in connecting tax compliance, tax and wealth planning and investment advice because every wealth decision has both financial and tax effects. Understanding those implications and factoring them into your wealth management strategy will promote tax efficiency—which means more money in your pocket.

But taxes aren’t the only financial aspect to consider.

Every life decision has wealth implications.

Your age, family, career, business ownership, and health choices can affect your investing, borrowing, estate planning, and insurance decisions, as well as your tax liability.

The HORNE Private Wealth team guides clients through all types of life decisions, from putting children through college, to business start-up or exit, to retirement planning, to estate settlement. We make sure you’ve considered all the possible impacts—on other decisions, on your taxes, and on your ultimate goals.

The complete picture is the key to success.

The HORNE Private Wealth team includes experienced investment managers and financial, estate, and tax planners who specialize in developing successful wealth strategies for closely-held business owners, high-net-worth individuals and high-income earners.

HORNE Wealth Advisors is a member of the BAM Alliance, a community of investors and advisors who’ve discovered a better way to take control of financial futures and achieve life’s most important goals. HORNE Wealth Advisors also partners with Dimensional Fund Advisors for fund management that aligns with our investment philosophy.

We understand that wealth can bring complexity, risk, and burdensome compliance obligations. We also understand the interrelationships among the various aspects of your financial picture. Our insights can help you stay ahead of the challenges and capitalize on opportunities on the path to your financial goals.

The HORNE Private Wealth team can work with you in most any capacity, from tax compliance and consulting, to financial and estate planning, to full-service wealth management. We make sure your earnings are optimized, preserved, and distributed according to your wishes.

Contact us to learn how our integrated approach can help you grow and preserve your wealth.


Investment, wealth advisory and insurance services are separately provided through HORNE Wealth Advisors, LLC, a SEC-registered investment advisor and a wholly owned subsidiary of HORNE LLP.