Public & Middle Market

Complexity is the silent killer of growth.

HORNE propels fast growing companies to success with accounting and advisory support for the complex opportunities you face.

Public & Middle Market
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Successful companies turn enterprise complexity into opportunity.

Complexity drives 4 out of the top 5 CFO’s in rapid growth companiesThe larger your company gets, the harder it can be to stay nimble. Governance processes can slow your momentum. Stakeholders like owners or equity firms may dictate your decision-making. Regardless of the reason, complexity often results from business success. Managing it toward opportunity means having the capacity to learn quickly and adapt continuously.

Public and middle market companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, technology and communication, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, real estate, insurance, and energy trust HORNE for service-based insight. Focused on the causes of complexity, we help clients establish the agility necessary to take advantage of opportunities, maintain growth, keep costs at bay, and maximize returns.

HORNE Public & Middle Market meets your changing risk, compliance, expansion and IT security needs with a suite of six strategic, consultative offerings.


HORNE offers independent assurance that your financial data accurately represents the strength of your company. Our team is equipped with the skill, standards and technical knowledge to produce an objective audit that identifies and mitigates your specific risks.

Accounting & Advisory Services

HORNE helps clients understand and implement new, often complicated, accounting standards. Focusing our efforts on non-routine transactions, we advise on accounting for income tax, business combinations, share-based compensation, as well as assisting with SEC reporting and adoption of current and new pronouncements.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Risk management is more than financial controls. HORNE addresses internal and external risk through a cohesive approach to compliance that includes internal audit, co-sourcing, outsourcing, SOX compliance, SOC audits, corporate governance, board education, regulatory compliance, and staff augmentation.

IT Assurance & Risk Services

HORNE Cyber approaches IT Assurance and Risk Services (ITARS) with an audit mentality. We take a holistic approach to helping you align IT and business strategies, evaluate IT systems, and recommend controls to help secure systems and data.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding whether your organization is prepared for a merger or acquisition requires that you consider a host of financial, economic and regulatory details. HORNE Capital Strategies assists with vetting and preparing the details involved in M&A opportunities.

Tax Consulting

As your growth rate and complexity increase, you must address tax implications. HORNE tax compliance and consulting takes into account federal and state tax credits, engineering based tax solutions, entity structure, and IRS and state procedures so you can react with confidence to the opportunities and risks of expansion.