Material Weakness

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Don’t Let a Material Weakness Finding Impact Your Business.

Finance teams in fast-growing public companies are typically focused on revenue growth, cost control and share price appreciation. Your business is constantly meeting new challenges, and the stakes have never been higher. Yet they also have to manage complex and time-consuming SEC and financial reporting requirements.  In many cases, there’s not enough staff or time to accomplish everything, which can lead to deficiencies or material weakness findings in the external audit. A misstatement of the company’s financial position – whether actual or perceived – may affect investors’ confidence, limit access to capital and erode the company’s stock price.

Don’t let your team’s hard work, or your company’s goodwill, disappear overnight. We specialize in helping companies address complex reporting requirements before the internal control issues occur.  And if you’ve already had a finding, we can collaborate with your finance staff and external auditors to remediate the problem in ways that restore integrity in your financial statements.

How Can We Help?

Both privately-held and publicly-traded organizations rely on HORNE to help navigate the complexity of today’s accounting environment. We help our clients assess the impact that significant transactions will have on financial reporting, from mergers and acquisitions to significant contracts to the compensation of key employees. Because we’re focused on your accounting needs, you are free to focus on your passion – your business.

SEC Reporting and IPO Readiness

SEC reporting can be a daunting task. With the public company financial reporting requirements constantly changing, it’s often difficult to maintain a trained team. We can complement your current team by providing reassurance that the 10K and 1OQs are properly prepared.

Going public is an exciting yet overwhelming process as well. Your team at HORNE can assist with IPO readiness and the financial reporting requirements that go along with the filing of the registration statements.

Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards Relief

Your accounting staff faces challenges on a daily basis, from adopting new revenue recognition standards to accounting for income taxes. Our team can guide your staff, provide assistance with difficult tasks, and help streamline accounting processes to relieve stress and help make your in-house team more effective. In addition, we will help you navigate through the financial statement reporting and disclosures often as cumbersome as the accounting itself.

Independent Assurance Services

Industry focused assurance services produce accurate data that ensures compliance and informs strategic counsel. HORNE is registered with the PCAOB.

Risk and Control

HORNE helps businesses transform risk into opportunity by providing data that satisfies external and internal audit, and SOX requirements.

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