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You take care of business. We’ll handle the details.


Initially, most franchise owners come to us for outsourced accounting, payroll and tax services. But they soon realize we offer so much more. With nearly forty years in the franchise industry, we have a deep knowledge of benchmarks, best practices and industry standards.

We don’t simply record and tally numbers; we analyze and interpret them to uncover ways for you to be more productive, efficient and profitable.

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“Our ultimate goal is to serve you with an added layer of knowledge and financial insight you can leverage to make better business decisions.”

It’s difficult to grow your business if you’re in the weeds.

For 35 years, we’ve specialized in franchise, and we’ve picked up valuable insights along the way. Today, franchisees representing more than 2,500 locations in 20+ brands trust HORNE to provide reliable tax, financial, operational and strategic guidance. You can, too.

Outsourced CFO

It’s a common situation: As you grow, you reach a point where you need a more sophisticated level of strategic guidance — but you don’t have the budget or workload to justify hiring an experienced CFO.   

With outsourced CFO services, you can leverage a HORNE partner’s executive-level experience in both financial accounting and the franchise industry at a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire and ensure that your strategic goals and financial operations are aligned to drive your long-term success.

Financial Reporting and Compilations

Numbers guide strategic decisions. Whether you’re running the business day to day, planning an acquisition or making an additional capital investment, success depends upon an honest and objective view of your financial and operational performance.

With our financial reporting solutions, you’ll always have access to the timely and accurate reporting you need to make decisions with greater confidence.  

Our services include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Deposit verification and bank reconciliation
  • Sales tax return preparation
  • General ledger detailed reporting
  • Fixed asset tracking

Accounts Payable & Cash Management

Healthy cash flow provides peace of mind. But it’s also crucial for achieving your goals. That’s particularly true in the franchise world, where your cash position and financial standing can impact your ability to secure capital and grow.

We can help you manage cash flow more effectively. By monitoring your payables and anticipating the financial trends of your business, you can put your business in an optimal position for growth. 

  • Weekly payment processing and outstanding payables updates
  • Vendor payment history maintenance
  • Oversight to avoid duplicate payment
  • Cash management planning

Payroll and HR Solutions

As your business grows, you may find yourself contending with tax, payroll and HR requirements in multiple regions. With franchise clients operating in all 50 states, we keep up to date on the various state and local regulations. Outsourcing your payroll and HR functions to HORNE Franchise enables you to operate confidently in any market — and frees you from the details so you can focus on your core business.

HORNE offers:

  • Payroll check, direct deposit or pay-card processing
  • Federal, state and local tax payments
  • 401(k)/Simple plan deductions and submittals
  • Quarterly and annual payroll filings
  • Annual W-2 preparation and reporting
  • Worker’s compensation calculations and audit support
  • Child support/garnishment withholding and submittal to authorities
  • Payroll integration with general ledger for accurate profit/loss statements
  • Client access to employee record maintenance, payroll review and approval
  • Standard payroll record reporting
  • Month-end close and producing financial package

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