Risk Management


Taking the risk out of your operations.


Some of the biggest concerns and risks you face fall outside the realm of day-to-day business. Whether it’s protecting your business against embezzlement and fraud, documenting claims for insurance or litigation, or safeguarding the integrity of your data, IT systems and operations, HORNE can provide effective solutions to address risks unique to businesses with high transaction volumes, largely cash receipts and high employee turnover.

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“We take a holistic view of your business. It’s not simply about compliance and reporting; we help clients find ways to reduce risk and improve results. That’s the real value we bring to every client relationship.”  

Risk management requires a full-spectrum approach.

Fraud & Litigation Support

Employee theft. Vendor overcharges. Contract violations. Disputes with your franchisor or vendors. Sometimes fraud or other events occur that result in the potential need for litigation. In those instances, we can help you clearly assess the financial impact, and document your losses in a clear and concise manner. We can also help you put controls in place, to prevent future events from occurring.

Should a personal or civil matter arise that puts your assets at risk, HORNE Franchise can help you avoid excessive judgments or losses by providing a clear representation of your holdings.


Large financial institutions or online e-tailers aren’t the businesses that need to be concerned with cybersecurity. As a franchise owner, you have access to employees’ personal and health information. Most of your banking, bookkeeping, ordering and communication is done electronically. You are connected with vendor and corporate systems and applications. And you probably have websites and social media accounts that customers interact with every day.

HORNE Cyber can perform a thorough analysis of current systems to identify areas that are vulnerable to hackers or malware. Once we’ve addressed any weak spots, we can show you how to take an offense-oriented approach that ensures that you are prepared should an attack occur.

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