Financial Integrity & Compliance

Financial Integrity & Compliance


Getting the facts right matters.


Whether you are expanding existing financial arrangements, seeking new capital, considering affiliation or embarking on other strategic initiatives, you need assurance regarding the integrity of the financial statements that support those decisions. 

At HORNE, our opinion is more than simply providing compliance. Our integrated approach combines healthcare knowledge from our assurance, reimbursement, valuation and tax teams so that we can translate your data into knowledge and actionable insights that help identify emerging risks, as well as growth opportunities within your organization.

Meet Our Healthcare Team

“We take large amounts of data that people can’t interpret and turn it into a story that people understand and trust.”

Access our range of services for insights and solutions for the best path forward.

External and Internal Audits
Whether to satisfy state regulations, long-term debt covenants or governance requirements, you need financial opinions that lend integrity and trust of the data on which your stakeholders, potential acquirers and regulators rely. Our credentialed healthcare team prepares your audits to help you mitigate risk and succeed in an ever-changing healthcare economy.

Our healthcare auditors have wide-ranging experience performing audits for compliance requirements such as:

  • Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance
  • United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • 340B Drug Pricing Program

Financial Forecasting, Modeling and Disclosures
The uncertainty around changing payment models and reporting standards could have significant impacts on what to expect and what is required to be disclosed. Our financial modeling and forecasting can help you evaluate and interpret your financial and operational data to anticipate and resolve any potential issues and improve performance. We deploy methodologies based on industry and organizational hard trends to develop assumptions that provide you with confidence and to fully meet emerging reporting standard requirements.

Nonprofit Tax Compliance
Nonprofit status for healthcare entities is under more scrutiny due to increased enforcement of regulations. We provide accurate, up-to-date tax reports that comply with statutory criteria to protect your nonprofit status. 

Our strategic and reporting services include:

  • Community Benefit Calculations for Form 990 Reporting
  • Community Hospital Needs Assessments
  • Executive Compensation Reporting Requirements
  • Financial Assistance Policy Review for Adherence with 501(r) Regulations 

HIPAA Compliance
Your board, executive management, regulators and other stakeholders need assurance that the organization complies with HIPAA privacy and security rules. Our HIPAA risk assessments rank privacy and security issues by risk and difficulty, providing priorities to ensure the appropriate protection of electronic health information.