Healthcare Analytics


Better Decisions Begin With Data


More healthcare systems and providers are seeing the benefits of AI to improve financial, clinical and operational performance. But the investments required to implement an analytics platform can present significant challenges. While most providers and facilities have a wealth of data, few have the tools and resources needed to unlock the insights it holds.

To help overcome this barrier, HORNE has invested in a best-in-class data analytics platform that gives providers access to transformative technology, without transformative costs.

Now, healthcare providers of almost any size or technology capabilities can:

  • Bring together disparate data to develop new performance insights
  • Use organization-specific data to improve processes, care and operations efficiency
  • Minimize hardware, software, training and upgrade costs normally associated with analytics platforms

Meet Our Healthcare Team

“Healthcare today is being driven by reduced margins and value-based reimbursement. Organizations that don’t have a strategy for managing data will not make this transition profitably. HORNE helps put you on the right path quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.”

Improve your financial, operational and clinical performance through the use of your data.

Opportunity Analysis

Our Opportunity Analysis is a Pareto-type overview of your most promising—and urgent—areas for improvement. We process a defined set of your data and quickly give you a snapshot of care process variations throughout your organization to show which ones have the greatest, immediate impact on your bottom line.

Waste Reduction Strategies

The ability to identify variation —what it is, when it occurs and why—is fundamental for healthcare process improvement. Our analytics platform will pinpoint where you excel and identify marginal or unprofitable areas. This empowers you to adopt processes and protocols that reduce variation, improve quality and lower costs.

Value-Based Payment Model Support

Participating in value-based payment programs requires you to control costs and manage quality. It is critical to understand sources of costs and variation in cost and care across settings and providers that participate in each episode. With analytics, we can provide you with actionable information and insights to make the best strategic decisions regarding participation and monitor your ongoing metrics.

General Ledger and Costing

Simple general ledger and financial statements aren’t enough to manage your dynamic organization. To improve financial performance at the cost center level, you need the ability to spot causes of variances against your budget and historical data. Our platform helps you analyze trends, perform drill-downs and visualize your key financial measures so you can develop explanations and take action.

Physician Compensation Plan Management

Reimbursement continues to move toward value-based and risk-sharing models. But many organizations are challenged to design compensation plans to support the move. Our analytics platform automates provider compensation calculations and oversight, creating time savings, benchmarking capabilities and transparency to help you better manage an increasingly complex process.

Cash Flow Optimization

New cost-shifting models require more from providers and patients, and cash flow is negatively impacted in the process. With our tools, you quickly see the drivers of revenue cycle underperformance, so you can prioritize solutions to root causes behind your cash flow challenges.

Strategic Decision Support

Data is the new currency of business. And data analytics is emerging as the foundation for strategic decision making. Why “go with your gut” when you can embrace analytics to make decisions that improve efficiency, risk management and profit? We can help you gather almost any financial, clinical or operational data and partner to create a plan for strategic growth and success.