Managed Accounting Services

Managed Accounting Services


Real-time insights on your business performance.


When you have an accurate, clear picture of where you stand with your account balances, revenue and profit, you’re better positioned to make strategic decisions that lead to growth. Real-time updates provide insight into cash flow and business progress, while helping flag potential inconsistencies before they become larger issues.

With a deep understanding of the changing nuances of healthcare, our experienced team can take on your accounting and tax operations. This frees up your valuable time and resources, while providing the latest insights on ways to grow and improve your practice.

Meet Our Healthcare Team

From transactional processes to strategic consulting and planning, we offer a full range of services.

Accounting and Reporting
Get up-to-date information on your practice’s financial condition. Our financial system software provides reporting and real-time visibility, while our team offers proactive advice on areas you should and should not be focusing on, as well as how to best meet your compliance obligations. We will help manage your day-to-day accounting activities and report preparation, giving you insights to make informed financial decisions.

Accounts Payable Management
To manage cash flow, you need timely payables and expense data. We work with you to ensure invoices are accurately processed in a timely manner. Utilizing a document management solution that eliminates paper files, accounts payable are managed in a rule-driven workflow that provides internal controls and keeps you informed.

Payroll Management
With detailed knowledge of tax, wage and hour laws, as well as the latest regulatory updates, our team helps simplify processes and drive efficiencies associated with managing payroll. We process payroll and make tax filings and payments, providing you the peace of mind to focus on building and running a profitable practice.

Proactive Financial Planning
Accurate financial information enables you to plan strategically to achieve the best outcomes for your organization. Are you spending too much time on a certain category? Are you trending positively? We can provide you with benchmark information and relevant insights to know where you stand in comparison to your peers in order to make informed business decisions.

Tax Compliance and Consulting
Implementing tax saving strategies can have a big impact on your bottom line. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, our tax preparation and filing, tax law consulting, planning support and compliance assistance provides timely, honest communication. We’ll help you proactively plan throughout the year, so you always understand your tax obligations.

Private Wealth*
The best strategies for reaching your financial goals are at the intersection of wealth planning and tax planning. As every wealth decision has both financial and tax implications, we see benefits in connecting tax compliance, tax and wealth planning and investment advice. We guide clients through all kinds of life decisions – from putting children through college to practice start-up or exit to retirement needs and estate planning. We work to ensure your earnings are optimized, preserved and distributed according to your wishes.

*Wealth and investment advisory services, insurance and retirement plans are separately provided through HORNE Wealth Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. HORNE Wealth Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of HORNE LLP, a CPA and advisory firm. Accounting, tax and related solutions are provided by HORNE Wealth Strategies, a tax practice group of HORNE LLP.