Reimbursement & Advisory for Long-Term Care

Reimbursement & Advisory for Long-Term Care


Optimize, protect and grow.


The long-term care industry faces many challenges reimbursements, changing regulations and market demands can present numerous obstacles to success. What opportunities exist to ensure your organization can serve your community for years to come?

HORNE’s healthcare team provides clinical and financial insights to help optimize reimbursements, protect margins and identify solutions to capitalize on opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability.

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Take advantage of our long-term care reimbursement and advisory solutions.

Medicare and Medicaid Cost Reports
When preparing your report, we focus on optimizing reimbursements to protect your revenue streams from exposure to regulatory sanctions and denials. We review and analyze the clinical and financial trends within the reports for opportunities to enhance revenue and position your organization for success in payment models today and in the future. In cases where appeals are warranted, we can expedite and assist in filing.

Certificate of Need Consulting
Numerous states require a Certificate of Need (CON) before approving the construction of any new medical facility. While this helps avoid redundancies within markets, it can also present an obstacle to growth. HORNE Healthcare can assist you in preparing a CON application with all required documentation and work with your internal team to ensure that all state requirements are met.

Market Demand Analysis
What is the true demand for your services in your existing or planned markets? When will a market reach saturation? What areas are being underserved? Whether being performed to meet state requirements or to guide your plans for growth, we can offer a detailed analysis of the opportunities presented by any given market area.

PDPM Analysis
The shift toward a Patient Driven Payment Model presents a radical shift in the way Skilled Nursing Facilities address staffing, finances and the delivery of care. HORNE Healthcare can help you examine the impact that PDPM will have on your operations and help you prepare for a successful transition by exploring new revenue sources and optimizing your reimbursements under the new guidelines.

Medicaid Rate Optimization
Unlike Medicare, Medicaid fees schedules and reimbursements vary significantly from state to state. We examine the cost incurred for care and help you find compliant ways to distribute costs to ensure that your reimbursement is optimized. By classifying expenses, adapting new cost-accounting techniques, and making sure your processes are aligned with your state’s reimbursement parameters, we help make a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Telehealth Consultation
According to some estimates, 70% of all ER and PCP visits could be adequately handled via a Telehealth consultation. Driven by cost, convenience and regulations, Telehealth is destined to grow dramatically in the coming years. Through our partnerships with technology providers, HORNE Healthcare can help you reduce costs and improve care by developing a Telehealth strategy for your facilities.