Insightful guidance for all your healthcare transactions.


Many business transactions hinge on the question of value. Objective, fair market value analysis and insights give confidence and guide you to the right solution that meets your goals. Having performed valuations nationwide, our team designs compensation models and performs valuations that comply with Stark Law, anti-kickback statutes and ensure financial arrangements are within the boundaries of fair market value.

In the end, you get a clear understanding of any risks involved — and the insights you need to make confident decisions.

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We rapidly respond to provide healthcare valuations that help guide your strategic goals.

Physician Compensation Model Design
Our design approach incorporates the latest compensation best practices and compliance mandates to better align behaviors with your organizational strategy. With our experience with a diverse range of healthcare provider entities, we’ll deliver insights that strengthen your ability to recruit and retain high-quality providers and improve the overall patient experience.

Business Transactions
Business valuations can depend on a number of factors tangible and intangible assets, economic conditions, specific market challenges therefore, you need a team with deep knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to understand the regulatory implications and the ever-changing issues that impact value. We provide defensible fair market value opinions for every engagement, including:

  • Business Valuation
  • Commercial Reasonableness
  • Fair Market Value
  • Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Tangible Asset Valuation

Merger & Acquisition Consulting
For hospitals, networks, physicians and dental professionals, acquiring or merging your organization is a common strategy for business and career growth. Similarly, the successful selling of a practice is often a key strategic decision. By working closely with you to develop a strategy in advance, we can help you ensure the ultimate success — and secure the optimum value — from your transaction.

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side of a transaction, we can guide you through the entire M&A life cycle, from initial identification of potential buyers or acquisition targets, to the closing of the deal, and through the operational integration of the purchased practice.

Due Diligence
Before a practice is bought or sold, it is crucial to conduct a full examination of its true financial state, tax status, business performance and fair market value so you can recognize risk. Our thorough analysis of strategic, financial and regulatory impact gives you the peace of mind in knowing the true value, status and market potential of your merger or acquisition candidate.