Digital CPA Conference 2017 December 6, 2017

Advisory Services as Future of the Profession
Digital CPA Conference 2017
Marriott Marquis
San Francisco, CA

HORNE Executive Partner Joey Havens will present Advisory Services as Future of the Profession at the Digital CPA Conference 2017.

We see every day how automation, implemented well, reduces the amount of compliance work we perform. We are experiencing fierce competition from outside our profession pursuing our clients. The market for professional services is demanding and opening the door for "higher value services.”  Many practitioners have served well as technical advisors leading to the accounting profession as the 2nd most trusted profession, behind physicians, yet, are we truly functioning as business advisors? What does it take to meet the new market demands for advisory services? How do you know when a client sees you as their business advisor? In this session, explore how the profession is elevating the role of advisors and how to best support and lead your clients' businesses.

For more information about the Advisory Services as Future of the Profession, contact executive partner Joey Havens at [email protected].

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